Work Effectiveness
Communication Skills:
Employees having effective communication skills are able to communicate openly, briefly and clearly and have positive relationships with others.  
Personal Leadership:
Employees having effective personal leadership skills are able to take responsibility for both themselves’ and others’ development,  be inchoactive,  take the advantage of stress and conflict with other parties and know when and how to take appropriate risks.  
Effective Teamwork:
Employees having effective teamwork skills are able to share information and ideas liberately, consider and esteem the contributions of others, act incooperation with others to resolve differences, give and receive feedback for development.
Leadership Effectiveness
Coaching for Leaders:
Leaders having effective coaching skills are able to lead to improved performance and fulfillment and transform from traditional output-management approach to one which actively creates an environment for innovative and successful performance.
Leaders having effective interviewing skills are able to asses the qualifications and specifications of employees which drives to place the right employees to the right positions and increase performance both for new and existing employees in the area of selections and performance appraisals.
Managing Time:
Leaders having effective time management skills are able to increase productivity and leadership effectiveness by saving time for more desired and crucial objectives.
Managing Conflict:
Leaders having effective conflict management skills are able to understand symbolic  responses combined with conflict and the nature of conflict in an organization. Participants recognize and discuss their own approach and beliefs about conflict and discover the virtue of a win/win way of thinking in the framework of conflict resolution.
Managing teams:
Leaders having effective team management skills are able to bring the team to a higher level of achievement with greater planning, problem solving and communication skills.
Leadership for high performance:
Leaders having effective leadership skills are able to  lead teams and large groups to their highest capacity of sustained performance and develop the potential of the company to endeavor into unclear territory.
Sales Effectiveness
Customer Relations:
Sales persons having effective customer relationship skills are able to fulfill customers needs and expectations on individual basis which takes the organisation to have excellence in service.
Guest Relations:
Front of the house employees having effective guest relationship skills are able to anticipate and fulfill guest needs and satisfy them on individual basis which takes the organisation to have excellence in service.
Excellence in Sales:
Sales persons having effective sales skills are able to discover customer needs and make exact recommendations while supporting themselves for handling complaints and objections and are able to expose concerns and close the sale.  They provide a definable and manageable consultative process with a win/win interaction between the two roles: buyer and the seller.
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