Group Coaching
Group coaching is an awakening, exciting, stimulating and sustainable method for learning and growth. Group coaching consists of members of the same or different departments coming together around the same theme. When employees have the opportunity to share their experiences and learn together, the new shared wisdom discovered by the group has the potential to develop compelling change within organization. Group Coaching is becoming a popular method because of its power in learning and development in corporations.
Executive Coaching
It is lonesome at the top...Most of the executives feel restricted and isolated. They have concerns about sharing their issues within the organisation becuse of fear of privacy. There rae many reasons for them to get tired: Pressure, numbers, strategies, public relations, employee relations, performance, delegation....They might have been told to improve their leadership skills.They might be looking to for new opportunities for their carrier. Their stakes are always high. Besides these there is a need to stop thinking of their concerns and fears and start doing something. Executive Coaching offers an opportunity to explore, test and clarify your ideas, revitalize your vision, benefit from your hidden potential and elevate your skills. It brings your life refreshment and effectiveness. You transform yourself into a new you, a more desired you by you....   Smart individuals and organizations are using executive coaches because, it works!