Whether the economy is troubled or prosperous, companies have an imperative to protect and nurture their brands, but this is a complicated task. Managers examining the role of branding today face some important challenges:
  • Specifying  the key principles and organizational capabilities needed to build a successful, compelling, and valuable brand
  • Choosing the right attributes of our brand enabling us to build positioning different from our competitors’ in the long run
  • Finding the best approach to building, defining, and managing a brand architecture across multiple brands
  • Ensuring that investments in branding and communications drive value for the company
  • Setting brand management strategy to help us during tough financial times
Eurosis Consulting’s Branding and Communications topic experts work with clients to develop branding strategies that combine deep customer insights with rigorous business analytics. We ensure that brands resonate with customers and also drive value. We help our clients become leaders in the brand-driven management of the complete business system increasing the value-added potential of the brand with customers, employees, and capital markets. Within Branding and Communications, we cover a range of topics:
  • Brand positioning and identity
  • Brand strategy and driver audit
  • Brand architecture and portfolio
  • Brand equity and valuation
  • Brand organization and capabilities
To help manage the complexity of marketing challenges and power growth through digital advantage, we bring together deep data analysis and broad experience to take the uncertainty out of the branding process and help clients create great brands. Eurosis Consulting’s branding group combines proven techniques (qualitative as well as quantitative methods) with deep experience (case studies, reference cases) to help clients create distinctive brands and lucid brand architectures. We serve the world’s leading brands in five primary areas:
Making brands matter:
We help companies define the benefits and experiences that make brands relevant, distinctive, and credible to customers, and develop strategies to differentiate brands through superior positioning relative to competitors. This frequently means repositioning established brands to better meet customer needs.
Optimizing brand portfolios and architectures:
As marketers launch many new brands and sub-brands to address their customers’ fragmented needs, we help define the roles and relationships of brand assets within a portfolio and consolidate brands to reduce complexity, overlap, and costs—all within a coherent brand architecture.
Delivering the brand promise at all touchpoints:
It is never enough to simply conceive of a great brand. The brand promise must be delivered at all places of contact with the customer, both online and off. Our holistic understanding of business and the modern multichannel environment allows us to collaborate effectively with our clients in implementing brand strategies and help specify what the organization must do to deliver a consistent brand experience to customers.
Building client capabilities:
Developing world-class branding capabilities allows clients to own their brand strategies and brands. We work to structure and design roles and role descriptions, and use training academy designs to help employees learn by doing.
Tracking and sustaining impact:
We help clients develop the metrics they need to understand where they started from (relative to peers and/or other industries) and to measure the impact of their efforts.