Today, more than ever, marketing must play a role in achieving overall company objectives. CEOs across all industries are determined to get more from marketing—and to measure the results. This calls for more-thoughtful strategies, more-decisive allocation of resources, and sharper focus on execution capability. In this environment, marketers face several key challenges:
  • Aligning marketing goals with the needs, objectives, and strategies of the overall business
  • Finding the best way to incorporate trends such as new media, Web 2.0 principles, and viral/word-of-mouth concepts into marketing efforts
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Understanding our return on marketing investment and adjusting spend accordingly
  • Specifying internal capabilities that are required to ensure best-in-class marketing execution
Our marketing topic experts leverage deep consumer and customer insights (across business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies) to help clients determine buying behavior, develop effective offerings across channels, and clearly present their offerings to customers. We work with companies across all industries to analyze return on marketing investments and upgrade their marketing capabilities. Within Marketing, we cover a wide range of topics:
  • Determining segment potential and behavior
  • Business model and brand/product portfolio strategy
  • Marketing strategy and objectives
  • Marketing execution, including marketing effectiveness/ROMI
  • Marketing capabilities (organization, roles, and processes)
Well-executed marketing programs drive up both revenue and profits. Eurosis Consulting works with companies to structure such programs carefully to target attractive customer segments, create the desired image and strengthen the brand. Our work focuses on brand management, including competitive positioning, and the impact that marketing mix and resource allocation have on sales and profits.
We work with clients to prioritize their marketing spend across geographies and products, define the right messages for their customers, and find the optimal mix of vehicles among today’s wide variety of media types. Achieving exceptional return on marketing investments begins with a systematic understanding of what creates value for the customer, followed by a strategic assessment of spending priorities based on those insights across geographies, products, and brands. We bring our clients the right tools and analytic approaches to precisely measure and optimize return on marketing spend and brand investments, while helping them build the skills to sustain ongoing marketing effectiveness. We provide a tailored solution by combining various methods:
  • Creating a transparent view of marketing spend effectiveness: We help clients determine where their marketing dollars are going and how effective they are when they get there.
  • Increasing the impact of marketing spend and brand investments: We sort out where to best allocate scarce resources, based on a clear understanding of objectives and exact measurement of performance. By helping clients continually define the objectives for any given brand, we provide the clarity need to allocate funds against marketing priorities while carefully balancing immediate sales goals with investments in longer-term brand equity.
  • Implementing across the client organization: Our holistic understanding of a business allows us to collaborate effectively with our clients in optimizing marketing spend. We help find and exploit the leverage that exists across every level of the client organization and its marketing activities.
  • Institutionalize world-class capabilities: Ultimately, marketing spend effectiveness is about marketers and their capabilities, mind-sets, processes, and incentives. When it comes to getting the most from marketing investments, organizational factors are fundamental. We help clients organize for digital leadership by aligning their teams and infrastructure to best achieve exceptional return on their marketing investments.