In the knowledge economy, competitive advantage is determined and driven by human capital. Extensive research over the last 30 years has proven that managing talent well creates value for organizations; yet talent management is ineffective at many organizations because it continues to be grounded in 20th century paradigms that are not aligned with today’s business imperatives, and does not reflect a deep understanding of the complexity, diversity, and motivators of today’s workforce. No company can turn in a great performance without great people. High performers learn to assess their talent pipeline, deploy their most promising people more effectively in critical decision areas and reduce their demand for scarce skills. Eurosis Consulting works with clients to develop talent solutions that make an immediate impact on talent supply and people management as well as longer-term capabilities that take time to bear fruit, such as recruiting strategies and training programs. We help clients shape talent strategies linked to business needs, understand workforce trends, develop great leaders, and build an excellent HR function. Today’s business environment requires a productive, engaged innovative workforce with the right skills in the right place at the right cost. Companies must approach talent management strategically to unlock the huge reserve of latent productivity in their workforces and dramatically improve their ability to innovate and succeed.
Eurosis Consulting works with clients to build a competitive, measurable, and sustainable staffing advantage through strategic focus, business connection, and excellence in execution. Business strategy drives work force needs. At the same time, work force imperatives condition business strategy success. Our deep experience, proprietary tools, and focus on business outcomes help clients meet this challenge and turn talent into a source of competitive advantage. We work with clients to: Shape talent strategy to meet business needs: We help develop talent strategies tied directly to business plans—including actionable and segmented insights into talent strengths, needs, and economics. We shape clear employer value propositions focused not just on compensation but also on other key factors that matter to talented employees, including professional development. Our proprietary tools and dashboards help clients closely monitor talent plans and deployment. Build world-class talent systems and culture: Beyond meeting immediate recruitment and succession planning needs, the most successful companies use talent management as a tool to drive strategic change, innovation, effective merger integration, and long-term organizational health. We help clients define a talent agenda to support their core competitive strengths, and shape talent practices—including development, rotation, reward and recognition—to deliver business outcomes. Our Organizational Health Index provides a robust fact base for understanding and improving talent culture.
Develop leaders for short-term impact and long-term growth:
To make sure leadership development creates lasting impact, we help such clients use performance-improvement opportunities within their organizations as the real-life context for learning; develop deeper leadership qualities, not just functional skills, so leaders have the resilience to sustain major change; and build a “leadership engine” integrated with the organization’s broader norms and management processes. Understand and strengthen workforce dynamics: To enable our clients to compete through talent, we provide foresight into key socio-demographic, regulatory, and technology trends. We help clients shape an explicit workforce strategy that is cognizant of these trends, incorporating compensation, training, employee engagement, diversity, and regulatory compliance. A key focus is on understanding, measuring, and improving workforce productivity.
Build excellence in HR:
We help clients turn the HR function into a highly credible business partner, driving strategic people initiatives while improving the cost, quality and speed of key services such as recruiting, training, and administration. Using our proprietary HR Navigator tool, we help HR set quantified targets, measure its performance, and demonstrate its contribution to business value.