As executives and government leaders assess strategy in an increasingly globalized, volatile marketplace, most are finding that the same critical success factors abide: strong leadership, the ability to understand and respond to shifts in the environment, a robust pipeline of growth initiatives, a focus on continuous improvement and an agile operating model. We help executives carefully think through possibilities, assess and manage risk, and ultimately select the strategic direction with the strongest stakeholder value potential through addressing below challenges:
  • Managing the portfolio for long-term sustainable value creation
  • Assessing the corporate portfolio of business units and developing strategies to maximize advantage and growth
  • Businesses to choose for creating cash
  • Differentiating goals, metrics, and incentives across the portfolio
  • Defining our strengths and weaknesses of our core and non-core operations
  • Enabling the businesses we have to outperform their competition
  • Creating a robust corporate strategy that provides direction and coherence to a company’s business strategies
  • Partnering with our clients to create practical portfolios that deliver tangible value
  • Building a compelling vision and set of concrete financial objectives that are embraced by key stakeholders
  • Focusing on creating a portfolio of leadership positions to generate superior returns and move to more attractive markets over time
  • Determining portfolio priorities by assessing competitive position, leadership potential, market attractiveness and economic profit
  • Using portfolio priorities to drive differential resource allocation and differential targets across business units
  • Striving for system repeatability, which creates competitive advantage from learning-curve effects gained through repetition, reduced complexity by adapting a known pattern and faster and more reliable decision making on investments
  • Managing a conservative capital structure to support growth and provide flexibility
  • Analyzing the structure and dynamics of each of the relevant markets, prioritizing them, and then establishing the potential returns in each market. By reallocating resources according to the potential returns of market, companies expect more than double their return on investment.
  • Helping our customers defining their long-term strategy, exploring new areas to enter and optimizing across their existing businesses. To improve their ability to translate the strategy into execution, we overhaul the strategic planning process.
  • Helping our clients develop the best answers for their own particular circumstances. We bring a unique approach that integrates deep foresight on the industries that are most relevant to our clients and keen insight on the distinctive capabilities they have and need to have in order to win as a company. The result provides direction and coherence to the policy decisions that corporate leaders make every day about resource allocation, M&A, restructuring, corporate goals, role of the corporate center, and even the role and purpose of the company itself.